Louis Vuitton Spring 2012: the carousel of dreams

What are your fashion dreams made of? The Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 show simply brought me closer to mine: a circular dance of fashion, of extraordinary craftsmanship, pure desire, structural cuts, artful details and joie de vivre in the city of love, a constellation of sweetness. It worked its magic and as if helped by the charmed objects accessorizing the clothes such as the feather, wishbone, rock crystal and the finely miniaturised S-Lock, it made me feel the collection and revel in every appliquéd daisy, every lace eyelet, every sheer whir of the organza veiled dress, every gentle twinkly thread, every pale powdered shade, every intricacy and delicacy put into the construction of every mm of clothing.

“The internal workings are as essential as the external ones for each object in the collection. This is a private pleasure for the owner and maker, not just a showy spectacle for the onlooker. […] Construction is exposed through a luminous play of transparency in the collection; the silhouette is spun and plumped, lightness refracted, surfaces appliqued, yet underneath are the strict, firm foundations so necessary to build the fantasy. Emblematic of this is Broderie Anglaise, the predominant fabrication this season. At once it intensely decorates yet reveals, is supple yet structural, is en Français yet Anglo-Saxon.’
Marc Jacobs about the collection: ‘All is around kindness and gentle. This collection is extremely feminine and it is about the joy of feeling rather than joy of looking.’

photos: 1-courtesy of Louis Vuitton, the rest of the images via vogue.com, quotes by courtesy of Louis Vuitton

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