Lola Montès (1955)

by guest writer

Lola Montès has been a subject of controversy since its release and has gone through serious editing. The film’s main topics evolve around the female beauty and the passage of time. The unusual construction of the three-ring arena within the filming stage and the flashbacks that unfold events from Lola’s past make of Lola Montès a stereotype biopic.

Lola’s memories fill the screen, from her eagerness in her youth to the flings with Franz Liszt and King Ludwig of Bavaria. Her path is obscured by romantic failures, all masterfully presented by the breaking-up of the widescreen with veils, nets, frames within frames and coulour filters. Lola Montès is Max Ophüls’ most daring film, as a medium that cherishes beauty in order to both feed and mock dreams.

photo: The Criterion Collection

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