Life: Keith Richards

Life by Keith Richards 
I’ve only read a couple of chapters from Keith Richard’s autobiography, Life, but I am already loving it. I was interested in it because I really wanted to get a sense of what the life of a rock star, the real thing, really is about (and I had heard good things about it from people whose opinion I value). I mean, rock stars have that ability to hold some sort of fascination on just about everyone, myself included. And Keith Richards is the ultimate rock star. I also happen to love the music of The Rolling Stones, their role and place in music. Their concert probably remains my favourite I’ve been to, and I have gone to quite a few remarkable ones. From what it looks like so far, I have the feeling that this book captures the true spirit of rock and roll. Music that rouses the world, speaking your mind, taking the chances you want, a life of excesses, dangerous and rebellious living, highs and lows, fame and women, and told, at it appears, with honesty and without self-consciousness and holding-back. “I think your whole life shows in your face”, right? I bet it’s all authentic, just as the man himself. Hoping he also speaks of his relationship with another rock star by definition, Mick Jagger. Imagine the stories these two have lived.

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