Le Smoking

“A designer who is not also a couturier, who hasn’t learned the most refined mysteries of physically creating his models, is like a sculptor who gives his drawings to another man, an artisan, to accomplish.” This comes from the one who dreamt up le smoking, Yves Saint Laurent. So how can anyone find this item less than fabulous? He elevated the women’s wardrobe up to an empowering level. It does make you feel different as a woman. I don’t find it radical and lushousless, but uniquely glamorous and seductive. It has a menswear inspiration, but a woman makes it her own: the most alluring towering heels, precious jewelry of a heirloom glam in your ear lobes or just an impact-making cut-out can give the tuxedo evening gown credentials. I hope you’ll all have a wonderful week! 

“Pentru o femeie le smoking este o piesa vestimentara cu care se simte mereu la moda, pentru ca aici este vorba de stil, nu de moda. Moda vine si trece, stilul insa este nemuritor.” Yves Saint Laurent l-a inventat, fortand granitele modei feminine si ducand-o la un alt nivel. Nu il consider radical si lipsit de atractie, ci indraznet intr-un mod sofisticat si seducator, mai ales ca o femeie are stiinta de a-l pune in valoare in interesul sau: cea mai ademenitoare pereche de pantofi cu tocuri ametitoare, o pereche de cercei incantatori sau pur si simplu o taietura de impact a reverului poate propulsa smochingul la rang de tinuta de gala. Va doresc o saptamana minunata! 

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images: thesartorialist.com, Net A Porter, Zara, Super, Gilt, ASOS 

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