Katrin Coetzer illustrations

katrin coetzer illustration

I’ve only recently become familiar with the beautiful and whimsical work of Cape Town illustrator Katrin Coetzer. I’m completely charmed by Katrin’s delicate, light and clean style and I would love to have one of her illustrations on one of my walls. The artist has also done a lot of illustrations for books and pictorial art and her portfolio is a creative mix of drawing, painting, collage and small paper sculptures. Her sketch blog, babanangu, is where you can follow her work.

I wish you a wonderful first weekend of summer!




katrin coetzer illustration-1

katrin coetzer illustration-4

katrin coetzer illustration-3

katrin coetzer-cheetah

katrin coetzer_cypresses

photos: Katrin Coetzer and babanangu, discovered via Miss Moss

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