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Jean Stories 
Jean Stories is “all about denim – who’s wearing it and making it, why we love it and all the ways it reflects our lives and styles”. Need I say more? I will anyway, because it’s worth telling you about. Jane Herman Bishop, former Vogue fashion writer and T Magazine editor, and Florence Kane, former Vogue fashion editor and C Magazine senior editor, co-founded Jean Stories last year. Given my undying love for jeans, it’s not difficult to understand why I consider it one of the best ideas on the fashion scene.

I used almost every break I had last week to peruse the website and indulge in every different feature. I loved finding out why someone likes nothing but the indigo straight cut jeans, why others prefer them as fresh as they can be – brand new, or, quite the opposite – the worn-in look; when white jeans work better than any other type of jeans; how everyone prefers a high, or sometimes a medium-waist (but never a low-rise, which, by the way, I hope to see gone for good); why the skinny is not someone’s sensibility, while somebody else wears anything but; why others swear by the boyfriend shape, or wear nothing but the pure and authentic style – no stretch, no distress, no holes. It was also interesting to read about the 1980s London trend when everyone was wearing only Alaïa bodysuits with oversized men’s 501, and how the name Levi’s pops up so frequently throughout the stories (the brand remains one of my favourites to this day).

There are tips you can learn from every single story presented here, but the best thing is that you realize how everybody loves jeans, but in a completely different way. And everyone is right in their choice. Because there is a different perfect fit for everyone, that fit that works best for you personally. And that’s your own story to tell: that certain style that can work for you and only you, that distinctive way you wear your favourites, that sets you apart and which you should embrace with all the aplomb and personality it requires. This is one of the best proofs of how personal style works.
Jean Stories-Jessica de Ruiter 
How about the blue jeans-white t-shirt look above? I have talked about it here. Yes, I stick by my opinion: nothing looks better than this.

Or how about Vogue fashion editor Tonne Goodman’s immaculate style? She has mastered the art of uniform dressing: white or black straight-leg jeans, turtleneck sweater or button down shirt and flats. She’s the perfect example of how jeans can become the piece your wardrobe revolves around. Classic and unadorned, they can work for any time of day, every day of the week. Furthermore, I loved to read the story behind each one of the photographs she shared.

Jeans seem to be part of everyone’s culture and life, and if you ask the person next to you, it’s likely to tell you with an unbelievable accuracy which was the very first pair of jeans they wore, and, most likely, they also have a great story to go with it. Mine were Levi’s (yes, me too) and I wore them for years until they got that natural worn-in look, before I finally started to tear them off, and then I put patches on them (I didn’t do distressed back then) and continued to wear them religiously for a couple more years. I think I still have them somewhere stacked away. The one pair of Levi’s I still have in my wardrobe is in classic indigo, with a perfect wash look they have acquired in time – my favourite colour for jeans (although the light blue wash is close behind), but I’m not wearing them as much as I’d like (almost every day), because I want to have them just as they are, in that perfect state, for as long as possible. So which was your first pair of jeans?
Jean Stories-Tonne Goodman

Jean Stories_Tonne Goodman by Arthur Elgort

photos via Jean Stories: 1,2-Katrina Dickson (Jessica de Ruiter) / 3-Nicky Vreeland (Tonne Goodman) / 4-Bryant Park for W magazine (Tonne Goodman) / 5-Arthur Elgort, 2000 (Tonne Goodman)

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