It all begins tonight

A nostalgia for childhood and a beautiful tradition carried on every year by the young and the old alike. On the night of December 5th the Romanian custom is for children to leave their boots, cleaned and nicely polished, on the windowsill or by the entry door, waiting for Saint Nicholas’ visit. The next morning, on the 6th, children who have been good find candy and small gifts in their boots and children who have been bad find a rod, a sign of misbehaviour and an impulse to improve themselves. It’s one of children’s favourite holidays, but one that every member of the family happily embraces, marking the beginning of the winter holidays. So tonight my shining boots will be in the right place, prepared to receive my Saint Nicholas present. Are you following this tradition?

I hope you had a very good weekend and that your week is off to a wonderful start!

photos: 1-5: Anne Valerie Hash Mademoiselle Autumn/Winter 2010 campaign; 6-The White Company via79 Ideas

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