Is it real fashion?

This is the title of an article appeared in Vogue Italia october 2010, regarding fashion bloggers and their place and influence in the fashion world. “Alternative” communicators of fashion, style and products, endless ideas, thoughts and words accompanying images from the streets, which reduce the distance to the catwalks. Inspiration for designers and consumers alike, the bloggers are very present in a previously exclusive world. If this is not fashion, fashion the way it should be, then what is? My question to you.

These are two outfits I’ve come across this week while browsing some of my favorite blogs. Loved them both very much and wanted to share with you. 

Moderosa. I loved her whole appearance, from poise, make-up and perfect casual-chic oufit.

Atlantic-Pacific. Those old-navy style pants are gorgeous. I’ve been looking for some time for a pair of similar ones. Love it how she paired them with the plaid shirt.


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