Introducing Tyche Jewellery

Tyche Jewelry
Today I have the pleasure to introduce you to the newly launched jewellery collection by Julie Paulino Yenicag, Tyche. Julie is an interior designer and stylist, and the blogger behind Belle Vivir, whom I have previously interviewed for my Chic Files. What I like the most about Tyche jewellery is the individuality of the handcrafted, sculptural pieces and the way they reflect the designer’s vision – being familiar with Julie’s work and style, what struck me the most when I first saw the collection was the fact that I could clearly associate it with Julie’s aesthetic, it felt very personal. And I think this is the purest form of design, and what gives strength and uniqueness to a brand. I was curious to learn more about the influences behind Tyche and about Julie’s challenge to articulate her creativity in a new artistic field, so here is a short interview with the designer.

How did you get into jewellery design?
I’ve always loved jewellery, and accessories in general, where the process of designing something and seeing it come to life is extremely exciting. When my husband was promoted and sent to Sao Paulo, Brazil, I found myself having a lot of free time, and I decided to pursue this passion to learn something new. I found this atelier close by to where we live and I didn’t think twice.

You are also an interior designer. Was it easy to articulate your creativity in a new artistic field?
The creative side was rather easy because I have an un-resting mind. I am always imagining things, it’s really crazy! So the process of coming up with the designs wasn’t as hard, but making the pieces is a whole different story. Most of the time things don’t come out as I imagined them and the process can take hours and hours and get tedious and tiring, but once you get the right result, the feeling is exhilarating.

Where do you create your pieces? Do you collaborate with local manufacturers? If so, how difficult was it to find a manufacturer and which are the challenges of production?
I do collaborate with a local goldsmith who helps me finish the most difficult pieces. Without him, it would be really hard for me to bring to life many of my designs. I met him through the atelier where I’m taking classes, where they were kind enough to share with me his information. This type of information is not easy to find on Google, and especially not in developing countries where things are usually less organized. In the US, for example, there is this amazing site, Makers Row, that bridges designers and manufacturers. They provide a comprehensive list of all type of factories. Anyone who is looking to manufacture in the US can take full advantage of this.

How did you choose the name Tyche?
I asked my father-in-law to find a few Greek and Roman goddess names for my jewellery line, and I loved Tyche, the daughter of Hermes. It means good fortune and she is such an important Goddess that she has her own piece of heaven, where she allows only her favourite people. The constellation of Virgo, my zodiac sign, is often identified as the heavenly figure of Tyche.

What is the inspiration behind your jewellery line?
The inspiration is architecture, lines, forms, structure and sculpture.

Who do you design for? Who is the woman who wears Tyche?
The woman who wears Tyche is a sophisticated woman who has her own opinion and voice, she is independent, she may even be a stockbroker or a stay at home mom, takes care of herself and always wants to look her best.

collage by me, featuring the Hinge Cuff with Turquoise and the Screw It Ring from the Tyche collection | Discover the entire collection on the brand’s official website

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