Into a world of magic

The world of the fabled ateliers behind the Paris haute couture. Just for one day I would like to observe the scissors, thread, needle and thimbles at work, every hand-made detail, every luxurious touch that goes into the wearable sculpture that is a couture creation and that can require hundreds of hours of work. The skills of the tailors, flou dressmakers and seamstresses, and also of all the non-in-house specialists, like the artisans in embroidery, lace, millinery, glove-making and feathers, all these experts that have perfect knowledge of their craftsmanship, a synthesis of many years of experience and a passion for this work of exception. The real haute couture makers, they who can interpret a designer’s vision with a wizardry precision and bring his/her fantasy to life.

Whatever your plans are, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

photos: the Givenchy headquarters in Paris, opened for public for 2 days last month as part of “Les Journées Particulières” event organised by LVMH; via The Dolls Factory

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