Icons of Men’s Style

Icons of Men's Style by Josh Sims


“Women are into fashion, men are into style, style is forever.” Domenico Dolce

We often look up to men for their inborn sense of style, we admire their insouciance in wearing even something as formal as a tuxedo, and we even borrow from them, because, let’s face it, their clothes look better and last longer. The trench coat, the jeans, the shirt, the Breton top, the t-shirt, the pea coat, the bomber jacket, the cardigan, the parka, the tweed jacket, the Aviator sunglasses, these are just a few of the timeless menswear pieces we’ve come to love and have fervently adopted. The incredible thing is that most of the men’s wardrobe is formed of classics, of items that have earned an emblematic status, that have spanned decades and centuries, becoming, with maybe only little improvement and innovation, more enduring with every generation. And now, having read Icons of Men’s Style, I’m more aware of this than ever before.

Almost all of the pieces that form the menswear canon are included in Josh Sims’ book, a great introspection into the history of each benchmark item: its provenance, the story behind the design, who made it famous (of course there are quite a few classic cinema actors who donned the styles and did it well, but also men of state, musicians and royalty nonetheless) and how it shaped the way men dress today. If you are more into style than into fashion, then I think you will appreciate this book.

photo by me | quote from the book

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