High Up

Autumn blue skies
Over the knee boots
There is a saying that offline is the new luxury. I can certainly back that up. Sure, with a baby around, you are somehow forced to reevaluate just about everything else in your life. And stepping down from spending time online – even though, in my case, this has hardly summed up to anything more than my own blogging (in the last year at least), and even if I have enjoyed blogging – has rapidly started to feel rewarding. It has also helped me focus on what I truly wanted to write about here on Classiq, no fillings-in in between.

That said, I loved to take advantage of the beautiful fall we had and make our daily walks in the park that I take with my little one as long as I could (and as long as a certain someone approved). But pushing a stroller around doesn’t mean you have to stick to a mom-uniform. It wouldn’t work for me anyway. My Isabel Marant Dicker-style ankle boots have made wonders for my feel-good, look-good, “feel like myself” attitude. And now I would like to throw something else in the mix as well. An over-the-knee, but not over-the-top, boot would do the trick. A comfortable heel (a little hight is mandatory though for the above said feel-good attitude) and camel suede leather would be key, because they go best with, yes, what else than fitted blue jeans. Some things are meant not to change.

photos: 1:by me / 2: net-a-porter.com

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