Hello, July

Welcome to my favourite month of the year! July is my month (as my birthday is a couple of weeks away), a time when I feel giddy and overjoyed and more enthusiastic about what’s to come than nostalgic about adding one more year to my age. So today, instead of a gift wish-list, I would like to share ten things about myself: I believe in handwritten cards and notes, I believe in the paper printed word, I believe in early mornings, I believe in laughter and that a smile can make your day, I believe in spontaneous trips, I believe there is something about summer that makes it seem that everything is possible, I believe in less is more, I believe in the full-half of the glass, I believe that photography on film, playing chess and scrabble or hide-and-seek are not old-fashioned, I believe that happiness lies in the little things.
I wish you all a wonderful new week and month!

PS: I would like to thank Cristina of Cristina’s Blog for featuring me on her blog. It was a pleasure answering her interesting questions.

photo: Tony Frissell for the July 1940 issue of Vogue, vogue.com

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