Hat Weather

Ruby Tuesday hat 
I am a hat-wearer. The first reason is that, well, a hat is becoming of me. Another reason is that a hat makes any outfit feel new, and yours. And, lastly, because in the cold season, I do need one. As soon as I feel that shifting gust of wind, I need to feel protected from the elements. Most of all, I love those autumn days when you can still get away with a fedora hat, before you have to tuck your head into something much warmer and maybe a little less elegant – although I love beanies, too, as they can look pretty darn chic when worn with a beautiful woolen coat and a nice pair of boots.

If you feel, and look, good in one, wear a hat! Whatever definition of style you may subscribe to, comfort, in my opinion, must be part of it. There is nothing stylish about a very cold-looking woman in the midst of winter, who either, in the best case (although still not a good enough excuse), is still skeptical about the icy weather lasting more than a couple of days, or, worst, she thinks a hat, of any kind (please choose a coat with a hood at least), brushes off her appeal. Just as in the case of men who don’t wear an umbrella…when it rains, or boots in winter.
Hat weather

photo: 1-Ruby Tuesday / 2-by me

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