Happy New Year!

I’ll be wearing a tuxedo tonight, so I find this beautiful editorial, a set up in the romantic spirit of the modern times, starring Shalom Harlow, the perfect fashion story for today. Just the right amount of whimsicality and burlesque for the night between years.

I don’t like to make new year resolutions, but I’d like to suggest one thing to you: to watch a Charlie Chaplin film from time to time. And that’s the second reason I’ve chosen this pictorial. I will quote Jean Renoir, from his book, My Life and My Films (one of the best autobiographies I’ve read): “The master of masters, the film-maker of film-makers for me is still Charlie Chaplin. […] It would be hard to find a more biting critic of our society; yet he does not preach or wind up his stories with pistol shots. […] Chaplin takes note of the egotism and absurdity of the world, and like the early Christians, he meekly accepts it. It is an acceptance that softens the public’s heart and turns it away from violent solutions. There is no bloodshed in his movies. I am convinced that our present wave of violence is due in part to the fact that for twenty years people have been deprived of the films of Charlie Chaplin.” This was written in 1974 and Renoir’s words are even more relevant today.

I wish you all a Happy New Year! May wonderful things come your way in 2013 and may it bring you countless moments of laughter and happiness!

photos: Max Vadukul for Vogue Paris October 1993. Shalom Harlow in “Le kid à New York”/ fashion editor: Nicoletta Santoro/ hair: Yannick D’ls/ make-up: François Nars

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