Greece and A Final Look at Summer

If only we had a long and beautiful autumn, as it has been this September. These photographs from our vacation in Greece at the beginning of the month don’t seem misplaced at all, but rather basking in this serene start of fall. We rarely take a holiday that doesn’t involve visiting as many places and sights as possible, trying to squeeze in one more activity to an already packed schedule, but this one was simply just for relaxation. I can’t say winding down for days in a row is my strongest point, but it was much needed and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent in little village of Syvota and its beautiful surroundings on the shore of the Ionian Sea. The daily roaming of the harbour, the morning and evening swims (those were the only times I went to the beach as I don’t sunbathe) and the blissful hikes on the mountain paths surrounded by olive trees with the sea in sight were enough to fill our days and offering enough diversity not to feel caught up in a routine.

This blog post is also a perfect way to finally close the chapter of summer, because as much as I love the season, after more than half of summer weekends spent on some sort of trip topped off with the one in Greece, I can honestly say that I am happy and somehow relieved that autumn, with its slower pace and more organized way of life, is finally here.













photo by me and for Classiq

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