Grace and grandeur

What a view…and what a jump! Doesn’t Gisele look like a ballerina, graceful and divine in her diaphanous dress? Against a distressed setting Natalia is as ravishing as ever in haute couture. And because lately I’ve been more and more drawn by the juxtaposition of fashion and decor, I’ve chosen as a liaison between the two graces these old charm interiors, with somptuous painted walls, muted tones and yesteryear details-it looks like they’re waiting for another page of history to be written.

I can not believe it’s already Friday. Any plans for the weekend? I have a few things on the agenda, like a birthday party, trying Lisa‘s biscotti recipe I’ve been thinking of since Wednesday and letting myself lost in reading, as this week I’ve been spoilt with not one, but three fantastic new books from my ever-growing wishlist (details in up-coming posts). And with that I wish you a wonderful and sunny weekend!

photos: 1-Gisele Bünchen (I think it’s from an edition of Vogue, but I’m not sure. Update: thanks to Christel, I know now it’s Vogue US September 2004, photo by Steven Meisel )/ 2-Ditte Isager photography/ 3-Natalia Vodianova  photographed by Mario Testino for Vogue UK May 2009, fashion editor Lucinda Chambers

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