Gold rush

Happy Friday! Any plans for the weekend? It’s the 26th and I can’t let this day get by without mentioning that we can finally enjoy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in the cinemas here in Bucharest. However, I won’t go today, although I’m so eager to see it (I couldn’t resist it and started to see the series from the beginning this week!), because it will be too much crowd. I’ll wait until Sunday when I’ll be able to see it in the morning, at a street cinema (I prefer it to mall cinemas). Until then, a full day at work and hopefully, a nice getaway tomorrow, short and exciting, like a gold rush.

This period before the holidays is my favourite, because you make plans, you shop for the perfect gifts (giving is so much more noble and pleasant than receiving), you anticipate the adventures to come, your enthusiam mounts up and you think of infinite glamorous possibilies of spending the most beautiful part of the year. We all need a little glitter from time to time in our lives, so why not try the unexpected, a sparkling outfit for a weekend in the country? Even if a dress like beautiful Natalia’s will require the right occasion, other looks are designed to bring glitter down to earth, like a shimmery skirt paired with a gold-yellow knitted pullover and military boots or a gold satin skirt with a feather or sequin coat and comfy accessories, a warm scarf and again… the boots. Or you can opt for a subtly adorned item. Either way, your look must say “edgy, yet romantic”.

The glitter glam trend is fabulous and feminine and if you wear it with confidence the effect is amazing. And I just have to stop by Balmain collection, with its baroque ‘n’ roll all-over shining designs and the spectacular Alexander McQueen creations masterfully handcrafted. Shine through!


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