Gisele “Divina”

Appropriately called “Divina”, this editorial shows Gisele Bündchen, of an intense and natural beauty, “as an earth goddess, with deep roots in ancient values around nature, simplicity and female sensuality”. I liked this interpretation as I relate it to spring, to the rebirth and renewal of nature, a season for change, for finding the beautiful, the spectacular, the opportunity in our lives. And a revival of fashion. A revival which happens every six months and which can, even if only remotely, promt you to make slight changes which help you rejuvenate and grow. Gisele looks truly divine in these ravishing sepia photos lensed by Paolo Roversi, who says he was taught creativity by Lawrence Sackmann: ‘your tripod and your camera must be well-fixed, but your eyes and mind should be free’. Whoever his masters were, he does an incredible job and others can learn from him now. Wishing you a wonderful week!

photos: (Vogue Italia February 2002)

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