George Clooney: a classic

He just gets better looking with age. Just like Cary Grant. That’s the Cary Grant I love, the grey haired, the charming and detached, the better actor, the style icon. George Clooney has that quality that makes him be considered  the last of the old-times movie stars. No other actor has it any more. He’s the sort of actor Hitchcock would have casted in his movies (Vanity Fair made this very clear by having shot that photo with him and Gemma Ward which seems capture framed from To Catch A Thief). Handsome, stylish, mysterios, intelligent, with the sense of humour, against the war, he knows how to stand up and how to make himself heard out. Actor, director, writer and producer. How can anyone argue with all that? Is he aware of the charm he emanates? Was Cary? I think not. It’s just their natural selves and class, that je ne sais quoi that makes them unique. Wishing you a lovely weekend!

George Clooney arata mai bine odata cu varsta. Ca si Cary Grant. Acela este Cary Grant care imi place atat de mult, pe care il consider un style icon: grizonat, sarmant, degajat, un actor mai bun. George Clooney este Cary Grant al zilelor noastre, genul de actor pe care Hitchcock l-ar fi distribuit in filmele sale. Daca esti cinefil, simti asta, dupa cum se spunea intr-un articol din Vanity Fair. Si asa este. Are naturaletea si clasa actorilor de alta data. Weekend placut!

photos: here and here

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