Exotic fashion photography

Jessica Stam by Patrick Demarchelier Vogue UK May 2008-2

The more far-flung and exotic the location, the greater the glamour. One of the biggest gifts of fashion photography has always been that it allowed women to dream. Diana Vreeland, with her visionary mind, was the one who made fashion gorgeously global and exotic and awoke in the readers of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue the sense of adventure with her fantastical, dare-to-dream editorials. “Discover your inner lioness”, was her prime directive.

Pioneer photographers like Norman Parkinson, Henry Clarke, Franco Rubartelli and Gleb Derujinsky took models out of the confines of the studios and into faraway locations all over the world. No matter how foreign and picturesque the destination, the highest heels and the most glamorous gowns were de rigueur. Clothes ill-suited for exploring the African savannahs, Moroccco, Bali, India, Taiwan, Syria and Jordan, but which triggered the imagination of the viewer. Women were also being taught for the first time that they must have fun with fashion. Why follow the rules?

Jessica Stam by Patrick Demarchelier Vogue UK May 2008

nadja auermann by ellen von unwerth-vogue 1992

Linda Evangelista Vogue UK May 1997 Mario Testino-1

Kristen Mc Menamy by Peter Lindbergh Vogue Paris 1990

Suzy Parker by Georges Dambier, Morocco, ELLE, April  1953

Taina Elg by Georges Dambier, Morocco, ELLE, April  1953

veruschka-by franco rubartelli-vogue 1968

Travelling to exotic places has long ago stopped being a privilege for the wealthy, but it still provides a constant backdrop for fashion photography, retaining a certain allure that impels to adventure. It may have become a cliché in the pictorials shot on location, but the truth is I don’t think I will ever get tired of the safari theme and of my romanticised idea of the African safari. Morocco comes a close second. Some may argue that fashion magazines have created a westernised version of the rest of the world in their pages, but I’ve decided to play along, for the sake of fashion, art and a bit of day-dreaming. I love seeing glamour in the unexpected.

Marloes Horst by Will Davidson for Harper’s Bazaar Australia March 2012

Veruschka in YSL photographed by Franco Rubartelli for Vogue 1968

Anastasia Yukanina by Marco Trunz for fashion gone rogue

Aurelie Claudel by Wayne Maser Harper's Bazaar US may 1999-2

Daria Werbowy by Patrick Demarchelier Vogue UK June 2009 (2)

linda evangelista by arthur elgort vogue us 1993

Ruth Newmann-Derujinsky by Gleb Derujinsky Harper's Bazaar 1958

Daria Werbowy by Patrick Demarchelier Vogue UK June 2009

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photos: 1,2- Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue UK, May 2008, Essaouira, Morocco | Model: Jessica Stam styled by Lucinda Chambers/ 3-Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue US, 1992, Morocco | Model: Nadja Auermann styled by Grace Coddington / 4- Mario Testino for Vogue UK, May 1997, Egypt | Model: Linda Evangelista /  5-Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Paris, 1990, Marrakech | Model: Kristen McMenamy / 6-Georges Dambier for Elle, April 27, 1953, Morroco | Model: Suzy Parker / 7-Georges Dambier for Elle, 1953 | Model: Taina Elg in mousseline dress by Givenchy / 8-Franco Rubartelli for Vogue 1968, the Carribean | Model: Veruschka / 9-Will Davidson for Harper’s Bazaar Australia, March 2012 | Model: Marloes Horst / 10-Franco Rubartelli for Vogue 1968 | Model: Veruschka wearing Yves Saint Laurent / 11-Marco Trunz for Fashion Gone Rogue, South Africa | Model: Anastasia Yakunina styled by Cally Palmer and Crystal Birch / 12-Wayne Maser for Harper’s Bazaar US, May 1999 | Model: Aurelie Claudel / 13,16-Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue UK, June 2009, Kerala, India | Model: Daria Werbowy / 14-Arthur Elgort for Vogue US, 1993, Li River in Guangxi, China | Model: Linda Evangelista styled by Grace Coddington / 15-Gleb Derujinsky for Harper’s Bazaar, 1958, Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour | Model: Ruth Neumann Derujinsky

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