Etro prints

I believe they are some of the most beautiful prints in the world, derived from a profound love of culture and beauty.

‘The emotions of a voyage in style. Etro is a lifestyle based upon quality and sophistication, not only in terms of design, but also regarding materials and production techniques. This universe of elegance derives from Gimmo Etro’s innate passion for travel and history, which has now become the leitmotif of all the lines of the fashion maison. In the beginning, his company produced superb fabrics made of fine original fibers, decorated with elegant designs and dyed in chic colors.

The Paisley motif first appeared in the Etro collections back in 1981. It was not only a masterpiece of the production, but it also became a symbol of the Etro brand, and would remain so for years to come. The fashion fabrics line was soon joined by the men’s and women’s accessory collections that always expressed ideas through fine materials and original decorations. The paisley jacquard fabric treated with a special plasticization technique became a status symbol of the chic Eighties.

The Nineties marked Etro’s debut in the prêt-à-porter fashion world. Style and research focused on men’s and women’s collections, revealing extraordinary craftsmanship combined with an original, creative choice in materials and tailoring solutions. The “New Tradition” was born, and would become one of the strongest, most unique concepts of the Etro brand.’

photos: , quote: the official website Etro Milano

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