Etro Fall 2014

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Hello, dear readers. My absence was not that long after all, just the way I was hoping, but it’s good to be back.

I am a little late with my coverage of the collections, but I was anxious to write about the fashion weeks (which failed to happen the previous season) and I thought I would start with NYFW, but then the Etro show happened. For someone who hardly wears prints at all, it’s interesting to name the Etro collection as one of the two fall 2014 favourites so far (and by favourite I mean loving it from start to end, which is very rare in my case). I think these are the collections most dear to my heart, not those molding too well to my personal style, but those which, while still feeling and looking practical and without being too artistic either, make me stop for a moment and think about a different approach, and even dream a little.

I do believe that this show is the most beautiful one of the brand’s so far. It was much more than the famous paisley prints which have become synonymous with the fashion house and which, this time, played a secondary part. Flowing silhouettes, rich embroideries, a diversity of patterns, intricate threaded silks, sleek suede pumps and boots, patchworked blanket shawls, everything was so craftily executed. And you didn’t have to read the press release to notice the worldwide ethnicity of the collection – I loved the artisanal feel. But what impressed me the most was that, given this great variety of textures, prints, colours, layering, the collection still looked elegant (easy and effortless, but elegant nonetheless), which says a lot about the brilliant styling that went into every single look.
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