Endless shades of white

The white winter wonderland surrounding us gives me a romantic feeling. And it immediatly made me think of a stunning older editorial I happened to lay my eyes on last week. Enchanting photos, illusions of a fairy tale from long-gone times, beautiful, sheer white garments, graceful and refined, contrasting with the neglected, worn out look of the buildings, the visual effect of the whole set-up screaming high class. Don’t forget white ensembles are an overwhelming trend this season. You could have serious trouble in convincing me of a more mesmerizing outfit and make-up for New Year’s Eve. It enriches even the most special night of the year and its blinding effect is more powerful than the white of the snow. And the night will be yours!

photos: Valentina Zelyaeva, Harper’s Bazaar UK June 2007, via thefashionspot, simplyseductive

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