Editorial: Here We Go Again

Editorial - Here We Go Again - Call Me By Your Name 

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Remakes. Sequels. I don’t like them. I do not see any point in them except the producers making money. You make a good film? Just let it be! Because as good a film as that may be, when you fall into the trap of sequels, something fades away. The constant promise of more is making individual movies less special. So little is new in films these days, so little to sweep you off your feet and to make you watch a film again and again and again. Especially for someone like me who has seen many many movies. There is indeed so little that surprises me anymore. And I am not glad about that.

Craftsmanship was long ago thrown away for automation and uniformity in American cinema, but to this degree? I don’t care if they make Star Wars 10 (have they already?) or whatever. But I cared when they made Blade Runner 2049 (this is why), and I care when they go after the likes of Sicario and Call Me By Your Name, two of the best films of the last years. Sicario 2 is already out. No Emily Blunt or director Denis Villeneuve (who however directed Blade Runner 2049), but Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin have returned for the screenplay of the same Taylor Sheridan and under the direction of Stefano Sollima. As for Call Me By Your Name, Luca Guadagnino will return to direct the sequel, inspired by the part of the novel by the same name that was not used in the first film. Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer will also be back in the roles of Elio and Oliver. Why? They may turn out to be good films, but it’s of little importance to me. Why this need to repeat, replicate and homogenise? Creativity isn’t a competition, let alone box office competition.

photo: movie still from Call Me By Your Name

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