Edith Head Style Tips

Shalom Harlow by Irving Penn for Vogue 1996 
Last week I was flipping through Edith Head’s book, The Dress Doctor, and for today I wanted to share a few of her quotes, simply because I happen to agree with everything she says here: I, too, believe in personal grace and understatement, in style, not fashion, in quality, not quantity. Sometimes I honestly think that one can not be reminded too often some basic style guide lines.

“Don’t let your clothes be fitted too tightly. Even a perfect figure looks better if it doesn’t resemble a sausage. Only bathing suits should ‘fit tight’.”

“Don’t be too different. You don’t want to dress like the herd, but you don’t want to look like a peacock in a yard full of ducks. Being too much of an individualist is not being well dressed.”

“Don’t feel that when you are going to a party you must look “dressed up” – a simple dress is safer if there’s a question of what to wear and you will be much more comfortable simply dressed than overdressed.”

“Don’t be afraid to wear a becoming costume many, many times. It’s an old fashioned idea that you must have a new dress for very occasion or party. Even if you have the money to do so, it isn’t necessary. The modern approach is to change accessories.”

photo: Irving Penn for Vogue US, March 1996 | model: Shalom Harlow

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