Eclectic inspiration

Today is about anything you like, all the fun of the fair. Absolute beginners or playing classics with ultimate touches. A maverick mix-up.

colour, colour, colour

muted tones of grey, barely there prints and a refreshing blue finish

blue and yellow and warming neutrals: tried it, loved it, will do again, because it’s a summer hit

drape yourself in a romantic whisper: delicate details and gentle hues

classic roots and modern approaches

it’s black and white and a bit of blushing softness

photos: 1,4,5-Citizen Couture /2-Elle Decor /3,11-The Diversion Project /6,10-Apartment Therapy / 7-unknown / 8-Bits of Beauty / 9-Dustjacket Attic / 12-Thestreetfashion5xpro

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