Delicate and bold

For a few days now, as summer is settling in, floral and vibrant red have been immersing in my thoughts. In a whirl of flowers and seductive details, the interior design photo came into the picture as a bonus: the richness of the golden mirror frame, the blending of red with neutrals, of new with traditional just fell right into the place. And speaking of new and old: Oscar de la Renta’s carnation print dress (it seems I keep coming back to the designer’s spring summer collection, as you can see here and here) reminds me once again of Cristóbal Balenciaga, who, although he disliked bullfights, “believed in the colour of the bull ring”, red. His native Spain cast a long shadow on his craft. The carnation is the national flower of Spain, thrown in tribute at the feet of the victorious matador, and a constantly recurring motif in Balenciaga’s fabric and embroidery choices. Are you a red dress or a black dress girl? Or both? I would love to know. 

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