Cristhelen B.

Good Monday morning! I hope your weekend was beautiful. Can you believe Christmas is just 6 days away? How has it arrived so quickly? Which brings me to today’s topic. In the rush of things, as it always happens this time of year no matter how hard I try not to run behind on the holiday shopping, on Friday I realised that I had missed a present. Just the perfect chance to make a stop at a Musette store.

Cristhelen B., the exclusive brand of Musette, is my favourite Romanian leather accessories brand. Its products are objects of desire, and design, quality and attention to detail are three elements that have won me over over the years and so it happens that all my belts, a large part of my footwear (the last thing I need right now is a new pair of ankle boots, but can you blame me for dreaming of those gorgeous lace-up booties?) and three of my bags bear the name of Christhelen B. But what I love even more about it is that it’s become one of the labels I can turn to on every occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, with the confidence that the gift I am about to make will bring an undissimulated smile on the receiver’s face and that she will wear it with pleasure. Isn’t this the most beautiful part of giving?

Wishing you a most wonderful week!

photos: scanned and edited by me, from the Fall-Winter 2011 catalogue. Please do not use these images without linking back to Classiq.

PS: Musette has stores in Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Hungary, Israel and the US, in New York City

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