Come September

Fall style 
Wenger watch
The beginning of a new school year. It’s funny, I am a summer girl, but as much as I dislike letting my favourite season go, I always feel an eager anticipation for September. The new year should start in September. It makes perfect sense. After the carefree, sometimes even aimless days of summer, everything starts afresh and picks up speed in autumn. It’s when I truly feel that it’s time to turn a new leaf.

I love fall for so many reasons: the brisk mornings, the clear mountain days blue skies, the road trips. For that back to school feeling that still persists years after my school days. And for the fashion, too. So, come September, I look forward to the revival of the preppy look. The collegiate style that continues to exert great influence on what men wear, which, in turn, us women love to draw inspiration from. A crisp white button-down shirt and a corduroy skirt are indicative of the style, in a very low-key manner. A restrained elegance that doesn’t lack comfort either, in the true Ivy spirit. I would add a borrowed-from-the-boys watch for greater contrast and a rugged feel that seems eternally fresh.

photos: 1-9to5Chic / 2-by me

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