Coffee at H&M

I was going to publish an entirely different post today, but I wanted to share a nice little story with you, so here it is. During my lunch break yesterday I entered the H&M flagship store, in search of something cozy and comfortable to wear during the days when I’m working from home. Having found what I was looking for, which was a pleasant surprise, I headed off to the cash desk to pay. They didn’t have change to give me, so the sales assistant there told me that I had to wait a little until one of her colleagues came to solve the problem. I really hate when something like this happens, although she was very nice, apologised for the inconvenience and kindly asked me to wait for a few minutes. However, the one thing that went through my mind that moment was: “if I have to wait it would be very nice of you to offer me something warm to drink.”

And right then, as she had been reading my mind, she said: “If you would like to have something hot to drink, I could ask my colleague who is handing out coffee and tea to our customers, to come and offer you some.” I must say I was impressed; it’s these small things that count for me. I had noticed someone of the store’s staff with a tray of beverages through the aisles, but I thought they were for the personnel. I didn’t have my coffee in the end, as I received the change and rushed out, but hats off to H&M. A small gesture of kindness and care, that at a temperature of at least -10 degrees outside is worth a million. This is the kind of service that determines someone to go back to a store or brand, even if it’s not among the usual first choices.

And while we are on the H&M subject, have you seen the Marni for H&M video directed by Sofia Coppola? It’s set in Marrakech and it’s so lovely!

photo:Β Park & Cube
video: youtube

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