Classic American Style: Ricky Lauren

Classic American Style-Ricky Lauren 2

I was wondering how much it would take me to bring Ralph Lauren up again on my blog in the new year. Not too long apparently. Maybe I should go ahead and create a new series. I think it would make perfect sense. Anyway, today is about Ricky Lauren, his wife and muse, and her style.

“I’ve always loved the girl in the convertible with her hair blowing in the wind. When I started to design clothes for women they were for that natural girl. I didn’t like the girl with all the makeup and high heels. I liked the girl in jeans and a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves, wearing her boyfriend’s jacket. That’s the girl I’m attracted to. That’s the girl I married – Ricky.” Ralph Lauren, in his book, Ralph Lauren

Ricky and Ralph Lauren by Les Goldberg-1977

Ricky Lauren by Ralph Lauren

Classic American Style-Ricky Lauren-1

Ricky has a tomboy style that is so natural and genuine, and yet, she never loses her femininity. Because it’s all in the attitude. She is just as elegant in a chambray shirt and shorts as she is at ease in an evening black gown. I love the sense of individuality her way of dressing projects. So simple and free, yet so confident and full of personality. This is exactly what I admire the most about classic American style: steering clear of any influence and instead establishing its own language. And Ricky Lauren certainly has her own way with clothes.
Ralph & Ricky Lauren Walking

Ralph and Ricky Lauren by Patrick Zack-1972

She imprints a bit of grooviness even on the most casual of dressing, sportswear. This only reinforces her style as Classic American, because, as Ralph says, sportswear is “where America has made its mark”, a main element of its relentless pioneering.
Ralph and Ricky Lauren by Susan Wood-1977

As for this last photo, this is such an all-American look as well, practical, effortless and empowering at the same time, a style that will never lose its enduring appeal.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Classic American Style-Ricky Lauren

photos: 1-via Ralph Lauren, Montauk, 1988 / 2-Les Goldberg, 1977, Amagansett, NY / 3-Ralph Lauren, 1980, East Hampton, NY (photographed by me from the book Ralph Lauren) / 4-via Ralph Lauren, Montauk, 1985 / 5-Susan Wood, New York City, 1977 / 6-Patrick Zack, 1972, New York City (photographed by me from the book Ralph Lauren) / 7-Susan Wood, East Hampton, 1977, via Tomboy Style / 8-Ralph Lauren Tumblr

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