Classic American Style: Jesse Kamm

Classic American Style

Classic American Style Jesse Kamm 
Designer Jesse Kamm’s eponymous brand was founded around enduring classics, the kind you can and want to wear endlessly. That’s what I love the most about classic American style – not being afraid to wear a uniform. That is the best proof of style. Jesse founded her label in 2005 and runs it from her California home studio, refusing to collaborate with fast fashion chains. Each collection is made with intention and meant to be worn with intention, to make the wearer beautiful and comfortable. Because it’s all about being at ease, knowing what you want and feeling good about yourself, from the way you live, to the way you dress. Simple, trend-proof, monochromatic clothing does that for me, too.

The line is of course infused with the designer’s own laid-back attitude and approach to life, and sharp but easy, individual but long-lasting, classic but relaxed personal style. The style a classic striped shirt casually unbuttoned and front-tied, with the sleeves rolled up, so free-mindedly and effortlessly evokes.

photos: Ye Rin Mok

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