Classic American Style: Hilary Rhoda

Classic American Style Hilary Rhoda  
Can it get more classic or more glamorous casual than this? This look has all the elements to go down as one of my enduring winter favourites. Distressed blue jeans, in a straight cut – are you willing to give the slim fit a rest, too? Black turtleneck, loosely tailored – no matter how small your waist is, a little more forgiving shape is simply more tasteful and more elegant. Ankle boots, with that perfect heel hight – I always look my best in that height, I just don’t find towering heels that attractive. Neutral-toned, non-camel coat – a reminder that going just a little bit against the obvious choice always pays off (the unexpected contrasting colour detail adds even more personality and maximizes the effect). And last, the absence of the bag – it is an indispensable accessory for women, which is why I am fascinated by how forgoing it gives the most basic ensemble such a cool vibe. Nothing about this look is about trends, but it is ingrained in modernity. Classic American style usually is simply that.

photo: Benjamin Lozovsky/

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