Chloé Attitudes

Chloe Attitudes by  Sarah Mower and Marc Ascoli 
“I don’t show myself much. I don’t like publicity. I never had my photo taken, and I told myself, ‘I exist: People will find me.’ I don’t explain anything. I lived the life I wanted.”

That’s how the Chloé : Attitudes book, by Sarah Mower, begins, with the words of its founder, Gaby Aghion. If I knew nothing about the brand, these words would be enough to make me curious. No wonder Chloé has such a strong identity. Its creator had a visionary mind and took a revolutionary road, pouring her heart into Chloé, dreaming and shaping up a world of fashion for the woman of the present. The femininity Chloé clothes project is my kind of femininity. It’s chic, practical, delicate, romantic, young and free, and beautiful on the outside, but also strong, believable, independent and confident, and even more beautiful on the inside. She’s one of a kind, but not precious or intimidating, it’s attainable and down-to-earth, just like your best friend. I would even consider giving up a pair a jeans to wear a Chloé dress. That’s the amazing thing Gaby Aghion and the fantastic designers who have been at the helm of the brand over the years have succeeded to do for the modern woman.
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Gaby borrowed the name of a friend for the brand’s name and coloured it in the beige of the silk-like desert sand in her native Egypt. I didn’t know these little details, and I loved reading about them in the book. And I often felt that, while immersing myself in the story, the world of Chloé was opening up in front of my eyes, making me understand, more than ever before, why this fashion house is so special. We are introduced to every designer who has graced the creative world of Chloé, contributing to its timeless appeal and ageless beauty, from Gaby Aghion herself, to Karl Lagerfeld, Martine Sitbon, Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo, Hannah MacGibbon and Claire Waight Keller. They all left their undeniable mark on the brand, all loyal to modernity, and thus, to the history of Chloé.
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Chloé Attitudes is a beautiful book to look at, too. It’s exactly how I would have imagined a book about Chloé. The cover is inviting you to reveal the woman inside, and isn’t this part of the Chloé philosophy? The story itself, the archive images and the many iconic advertorials are so beautifully intermingled that they can give you the impression of a film on paper. And they make you cherish this important bit of fashion history.
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Chloe Attitudes

Photos by me from the book Chloé : Attitudes. Click on the images to enlarge.

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