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Vintage velvet top and vintage patterned skirt

Nicole Warr, founder and editor of Vintage Lifestyle Magazine and blogger behind Diamonds & Dust, is my guest today on Chic Files. Vintage Lifestyle Magazine covers fashion, décor, art, photography, travel, literature, style icons, music and much more, and is aiming to everyone who appreciates “the finer things in life and will not be afraid to explore both the past and the future”. I’m glad to say that it’s wonderful to see how the magazine has grown from one issue to another and I think good things are yet to come. As for my guest’s personal style, I’ll say only this: seeing people this young putting true style ahead of fashion makes my heart sing. Welcome, Nicole!

How would you describe your style?
To be honest, I always thought that because I’m only 22 years old I’m not 100% sure what my style actually is. One day I’m wearing a pair of jeans, a striped t-shirt, a blazer and a pair of Converse All Stars, and the next day I’m wearing a bright red dress and strappy heels. I’ve now decided that this is my style – I have a varied style, which is unique to me I guess.

Who are your style models?
I look up to Grace Kelly, Ulyana Sergeenko, Audrey Hepburn, Miroslava Duma, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and Alexa Chung. Each had/has a distinctive style and refrained/refrains from following trends and this really inspires me.

Your signature day outfit:
In summer I love wearing dresses or a pair of shorts with a vintage top. In winter it’s all about layering – a pair of jeans paired with a knit jersey, blazer, textured scarf and a pair of leather ankle boots.

Your signature evening outfit: 
Either a dress or a high waisted skirt paired with a feminine top and heels.

Is there an item you don’t leave the house without?
My iPhone. I can leave my handbag at home, just not my iPhone! I love taking photographs and they say that the best camera is the camera that you have with you.

Your most cherished wardrobe item.
A suitcase. A suitcase filled with vintage heirlooms and treasured gifts. Imagine this: my Grandmother’s unused Chanel No.5 fragrance, luxurious hand-embroidered skirts, capes and dresses from Greece, a YSL sling bag and jewellery I received on my 21st birthday.

Five pieces a woman should have in her closet.
A great pair of denim jeans. A knitted jersey (I love navy blue and ivory white). A classic coat (think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the famous Burberry coat). A well-fitted black blazer. A pair of comfortable, neutral coloured heels.

What is the most underrated piece in a woman’s wardrobe that should deserve more attention?
I think that the type of jewellery and accessories that a woman wears says a lot about her personality. I always pick my jewelry and accessories (even perfume) very carefully.

Classiq Chic Files-Nicole of Vintage Lifestyle Magazine
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Vintage ivory white knit jersey and vintage pleated skirt

My quick Q&A:
Flats or heels?
Both. I love wearing comfortable heels (like a pair of wedges or platforms) as I’m really short, but I simply cannot live without my sneakers and leather sandals.

Shoes or bags?
Shoes. I can handle only having one bag to wear with every outfit.

The 20s, the 30s or…what is your favourite fashion decade? Why?
There’s something that I love about each decade. However, I’d have to say the 20’s. I love the glamour and timeless allure of the era.

Neutrals, pop of colour or colour blocking?
Neutrals. When I wear neutral coloured clothing I feel “safe” and stylish at the same time. I do mix it up a bit though with patterns like stripes or soft polka dots.

Mini, midi, maxi or knee-length?
I always buy skirts that end just on the knee.

Audrey or Marilyn?
Audrey without a doubt. Audrey Hepburn, to me (and I’m sure to many others), epitomizes femininity, style and success.

The little black dress or something else?
We all know by now that the LBD is a wardrobe staple, but so is a pair of great heels!

Paris or Milan?
When you asked me this I automatically thought of photographs of Christian Dior’s first fashion show in Paris in 1947 and of Coco Chanel fitting models in her studio in Paris. Oh, I just love Paris!

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Vintage suit, shirt and tie

A beauty trick you’d like to share.
I am no beauty expert (I don’t even know how to apply my own make-up), but I do use Bio Oil on my entire body, which does wonders  for my skin.

What’s your fragrance?
Chanel Chance and Chloé Rose Edition. I feel like a million bucks when I wear either one of these.

Favourite designer.
Wow, I have way too many to mention here. Some include Azzedine Alaïa, Christian Dior, Prada, Stella McCartney and Céline.

Is there a style rule you like to break?
I mix navy and black together, which is apparently “not done”. I don’t care though.

A piece you would like to add to your wardrobe this fall (spring in your case). 
I just bought a Chanel-inspired black and white bikini and I have a pair of denim shorts on my wish list.

A style quote you live by or your own piece of advice on style. “Quality over quantity.” I’d rather own one warm, good quality, neutral coloured jacket, instead of 20 cheaply-made “trendy” jackets.

Thank you, Nicole, for accepting my invitation. It was a pleasure having you over.

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