Chic files: Monica from Classy & Fabulous

Monica Guerrero Abney from Classy & Fabulous is my guest on today’s Chic Files feature. Her passions are philanthropy, art and fashion, in this exact order. She is not only beautiful and stylish, but she is very talented too: you can find her wonderful sketches and paintings here. And there is one thing I love best about her blog: she shares the best beauty and style tips and I always have something to learn from her. Welcome, Monica!

{so classy, here with long hair}

How would you describe your style? Very simple and classic.

Who are your style models? My iconing ladies of course include Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly and Jackie O. And in the present, Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma, Keira Knightley and Olivia Palermo.

Your signature day outfit: where I live is usually very hot for about 9 months of the year, so a cotton dress, skin tone flats and fabulous accessories are a must for me!

Your signature evening outfit: cocktail dress! It is important to have an LBD in your closet just in case, but I always try to stay away for the typical LBD and add some color.

Is there an item you don’t leave the house without? Mascara!!!!! No matter what I always have mascara on!

Your favorite wardrobe item. I know this is not clothes, but BAGS!!!!!!! I LOVE BAGS!!!! I could wear old T-shirts and old jeans if I could carry and amazing bag collection!

5 items a woman should have in her closet: LBD, trench coat, day dress, jeans, jacket.

What is the most underrated piece in a woman’s wardrobe that should
deserve more attention?
The fitting of clothes, in general. Try to find your body type and your right fit. It would make all the difference!

{and looking stunning with her bob hairstyle}

{vintage wrap dress, Banana Republic wedges, Mulberry bag}

Can you choose from these?
Flats or heels? Ugh! You are going to hate me for this answer, but 60% flats 40% heels.

The 40s, the 50s or…what’s your favourite fashion decade? 30s, 40s and 50s.

Leopard print or snakeskin print? Leopard print.

Stripes or floral? Stripes.

Knee-length or mid-calf? Knee-length.

Audrey or Marilyn? Audrey.

The LBD or other colour? Other colour, but I do have a few LBDs in my closet just in

Paris or Milan? Paris.

Hermès Birkin or Chanel 2.55? Both!!!!!

Monica (wearing a Tory Burch jacket) with Tory Burch

A style quote or style piece of advice you live by: Always smile. Even if your don’t think you look great in your outfit, a smile will make the YOU shine. Also you never know who needs a nice warm smile nowadays!

Thank you, Monica. It was an honour to feature you on Classiq.

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