Chic files: Alexis of North On Harper

Chic files-Alexis of North On HarperCole Haan sunglasses, Hinge silk blouse, Current/Elliot jeans, NineWest clutch, vintage bangle, Missoni platforms

Newly mother of a gorgeous baby daughter, passionate Chanel lover (I mean it, she truly is a Chanel girl) and stylish lady, Alexis, who pens the blog North On Harper, is my today’s guest on Chic Files. I love Alexis’ honesty and strong voice when she writes about fashion, which is why I thoroughly enjoy every visit on her blog, an “exploration into the chic, the fulfilling and the audacious”. Welcome, Alexis!

How would you describe your style? I am a big fan of contrast. I like to pair bohemian inspired pieces with more structured/urban finds. Throw in 1920s detailing and somewhere in there I am a happy girl!

Who are your style models? There are so many classic ones, I wouldn’t know where to start. Instead, let me focus on contemporary examples. Design House wise, I am beholden to Chanel – there is something very independent, feminine and capable in a Chanel girl.  Plus, Karl Lagerfeld makes me laugh. In terms of individuals, I love Taylor Tomasi Hill’s playful attitude toward fashion, Victoria Beckham’s understanding of fit and proportion and Diane Kruger’s eye for glamour.

Your signature day outfit: I try to stay away from a signature look, or else I can find myself in a sort of uniform. But I do like a flowy maxi skirt with a classic tank or t-shirt paired with a piece of vintage jewelry. Easy to move around in (I have a baby to chase after), but still looks put together!

Your signature evening outfit: I love a dress. Shape wise (and depending on the occasion), I’m especially fond of a dress with long sleeves and a short hemline. If the event is more casual, skinny dark jeans, sky high heels and a sleeveless blouse with unexpected details.

Chic files-Alexis of North On Harper-1 A.L.C. sweater, Calvin Klein graphic dress, Guess booties

Is there an item you don’t leave the house without? Sunglasses! Having spent much of my life in the Southeast US & Southern California and now Singapore, I can’t imagine going outside without them! Plus, they make a great accessory and have the power to cover a multitude of sins…  Don’t worry, I don’t wear them at night!

Your favourite wardrobe item: Oooohhh… this one was trick! One item I have loved for a while is a Tibi dress that I originally bought for one of my bridal showers (in 2009!). It is cream colored, has the long sleeve/short hemline combination, and a bohemian feel to it. It never felt too “on trend”, so when I wear it today it still feels new. I grab it when I am going out and don’t know what else to wear. And, because of its flowly shape, I can wear it even if I am feeling bloated or whatever. I always feel special wearing it and it continues to garner lots of compliments.

5 pieces a woman should have in her closet:

1.  Amazing jeans – a darker wash super flattering pair of jeans can be the most versatile item in your closet.
2.  Statement heels – Shoes that turn heads and that can elevate even the most average look.
3.  Black leather/pleather (as long as it looks good!) jacket – Okay, so I live in the tropics.  But before I did, this was my go to jacket in my closet – It would complete an urban look or give a bit of edge to something more bohemian!
4.  Feminine blouse – there seem to be a whole slew of women who don’t own blouses. But I think once you let go of the work-wear, buttoned-up connotation, you will see there are so many fantastic options!
5.  Versatile dress – It doesn’t have to be an LBD, because while I do believe they are a staple, I think several other dresses can also prove to be versatile. I am speaking more to a dress that you feel good in and that can be dressed up or down for a variety of occasions.

What is the most underrated piece in a woman’s wardrobe that should deserve more attention? Undergarments. This always seems to take a back seat when people are creating their wardrobe budget. Of course a well fitting bra will make a world of difference even if you are just wearing jeans and a t-shirt! Plus, they are your secret – what they look like, how they fit – and a person with a secret is always more intriguing.

Chic files-Alexis of North On Harper-2 Vintage necklace, Zara sweater, Target fitted ¾ sleeve dress, vintage clutch, black tights, ShoeMint wedge booties

My quick Q&A:

Flats or heels? I love an excuse to wear a heel.

Shoes or bags? Shoes, no bag, no shoes….you get the picture!

The 20s, the 30s or…what is your favourite fashion decade? Why? I could pick several, but I am going to say the 20s, because that is when Chanel truly became established. Plus, I love when beading is done right!

Neutrals, pop of colour or colour blocking? Neutrals and other muted tones. Although, with my new tropical environment, I have been working to add more pops of color!

Stripes, polka dots or florals? None of the above- unless the floral is restrained and/or ambiguous. I prefer graphic prints and solids.

Above the knee, knee-length or mid-calf? Above the knee or to the ground.

Audrey or Marilyn? Audrey (You thought I’d say Marilyn because of my love for all things Chanel- didn’t you?)

The LBD or something else? I think I own 10 LBDs… does that answer the question?

Paris or Milan? Paris (again, I love Chanel!!!)

An item you want to invest in this summer: new bikini (I didn’t lose the baby weight for nothing!) and the perfect denim shorts. I need a new bag as well and would like a cute small crossbody. But I am toting around diapers and bottles right now, so I am holding off temporarily…

A quote you live by: “You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans — it’s up to you.” Karl Lagerfeld

Thank you, Alexis, for accepting my invitation. It was lovely having you over.

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