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One Day That Summer: Torres Del Paine, Chile

One Day That Summer-Torres del Paine Chile-Nadya Zim

I love the mountain. My father is a passionate mountaineer and our family trips climbing the mountains remain some of my best vacations and most cherished memories. The feeling you have when you are on the top of the mountain … Read More

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One Day That Summer: Camel Safari, Kenya

One Day That Summer - Camel Safari Kenya - Todd Ritondaro

This year, I am starting to celebrate my favourite season early – it is my reckoning that some of you will happily join me – and I am bringing back One Day That Summer, the photographer interview series I started … Read More

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Defining Moments in Rock ‘n’ Roll Style (and Who Shot Them)

Kurt Cobain by Charles Peterson

There are countless rock & roll images that are burnt in the public’s collective memory. They have played a major role in creating the image of our favourite or most influential musicians, and that image has been taken for granted … Read More

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Peter Lindbergh and His Movie Making Photographs

Peter Lindbergh A Different Vision on Fashion Photography

I remember coming across Peter Lindbergh’s “City of Angels” editorial of Amber Valletta shot in New York City, and inspired by Wim Wenders’ Der Himmel über Berlin (Wings of Desire), 1987, some time after I had watched the film. I … Read More

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Shadowing Cinema: Raymond Cauchetier, the Photographer of the French New Wave

Anna Karina by Raymond Cauchetier

La Nouvelle Vague proved that there were other paths than those followed by the traditional cinema of the time, and created a new language of film. It broke with cinematic conventions, showing that everything could be questioned, as had already … Read More

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