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Interview ZOOBEETLE Paris

Interview Zoobeetle Paris-Classiq

  ZOOBEETLE Paris is a “sisters’ story”, as its founders, Elsa Lepeu and Johanna Lepeu El Iman beautifully call it. A personal touch that inherently conveys a desire to create something special, to be cherished and with a lasting importance, … Read More

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DERUJINSKY: Capturing Fashion & An Interview with Andrea Derujinsky

Derujinsky Capturing Fashion

Model Sunny Harnett in a black and white Swiss rayon tweed dress suit by Andrée, February 1952   Sometimes I believe that glamorous fashion was created so that it could be photographed in unusual, picturesque or spectacular locations in order … Read More

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Interview with Patricia Gucci

Interview with Patricia Gucci

  My interest in Gucci has always transcended their classic loafers, the Grace Kelly scarf and the Lady Web suede bag with shoulder strap in the trademark green-red-green stripe, my three all time favourite pieces created by the brand. The … Read More

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Classic American Style: Mary Jo Matsumoto

Classic American Style Mary Jo Matsumoto

left: Mary Jo Matsumoto, my favourite California girl / right: “Laguna Shimmer” (Laguna Beach, Southern California, is Mary Jo’s native place and where she is currently living and creating)   I like to approach each one of my interviews as … Read More

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Interview: Lisa Mayock and Jeff Halmos of MONOGRAM

Monogram interview Lisa Mayock Jeff Halmos

Wet t-shirt, MONOGRAM   It seems very simple. The basic, casual, comfortable, familiar t-shirt. But when you choose to shop mindfully for the right tee, it gets complicated. Because I think it is in the most elementary of clothing pieces … Read More

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