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Talking Books and the Art of Bookshop Keeping with Vlad Niculescu

Carturesti & Friends

On any given Saturday spent in town, you will find me in a bookshop. It is my family’s favourite weekend activity – my latest partner in this activity is our almost three-year-old son. He is out the door when he … Read More

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Le Redoutable: In Conversation with Costume Designer Sabrina Riccardi

Interview Le Redoutable

Adapted by Michel Hazanavicius from Anne Wiazemsky’s own memoirs, titled Un An Après (or One Year After), Le Redoutable tells the story of Anne’s life with Jean-Luc Godard, with Louis Garrel and Stacy Martin in the lead roles. Anne made … Read More

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S A Y A Designs: Turning Heads for the Right Reasons

SAYA Designs Mini a Pandans

I have cut down how much I talk about fashion around here significantly. That’s partly because I want to embody the minimalist and mindful philosophy I so often support and embrace. It’s also because when looking for special things to … Read More

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Through the Lens of Joni Sternbach: SurfLand

Minnie+Lulu Joni Sternbach

Minnie+Lulu, 06.09.30   How often does it happen to you these days to go back over and over again to a photograph you’ve seen and wonder: How was it made? Very rarely indeed. And how often does it inspire you … Read More

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One Day That Summer: Rome

Interview with photographer Nicolee Drake

  This past summer I started a series of collaborations with photographers to bring you exclusive stories behind the lens. Titled One Day That Summer, the project was designed to be a celebration of summer, an invitation to discovery, to … Read More

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