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The Book That Taught Me A Sad Truth About Modern-Day Cinema

François Truffaut The Man Who Loved Films book

I believe the books written by and about François Truffaut outnumber all the other film books in my library. The latest addition is The Man Who Loved Films (originally in Romanian, Bãrbatul care iubea filmele) a less known book on … Read More

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Life Lessons from John Cassavetes

Cassavetes on Cassavetes - Classiq Journal

He had a reputation of being temperamental, self-promoting, impossible to work with. But he also did not compromise, could not fake anything, was completely dedicated to his work – a fiercely independent and authentic filmmaker. He didn’t like to be … Read More

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Clothes and Character in the Films of Jean-Pierre Melville

Alain Delon in Le samouraï

Throughout his career, Jean-Pierre Melville retained a passion for all things American and especially for the classic Hollywood gangster and noir movies. He eagerly borrowed the iconography of the genre – the snap-brim hats, the belted trench coats, the crooned … Read More

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Shadowing Cinema: Raymond Cauchetier, the Photographer of the French New Wave

Anna Karina by Raymond Cauchetier

La Nouvelle Vague proved that there were other paths than those followed by the traditional cinema of the time, and created a new language of film. It broke with cinematic conventions, showing that everything could be questioned, as had already … Read More

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My Favourite Films of 2017 (Part II)

Phantom Thread

No Oscars talk this year, no Oscars watching, no Oscars coverage. I would rather talk about my personal favourite films of last year. This is part two, as I shared a few other preferences last November (although I am sure … Read More

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