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Three Movie Lovers and Their Ten Movie Picks

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

  Three movie lovers met over the winter holidays and challenged each other to select ten of their top movies of all time. I may have mentioned before that my husband and my brother are even bigger movie buffs than … Read More

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Suit Acting and Android Fashion in Metropolis

Costumes in Metropolis

  January 10th, 1927. It was on this day, 90 years ago, that Fritz Lang released Metropolis, not only a key film of the German expressionist movement, but also the primordial science fiction movie. A drama of the future set … Read More

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Talking Movies before the Golden Globes

Talking movies before the Golden Globes

  As far as I’m concerned, the Golden Globes are just one more pretext to talk about films. By the time the event rolls in each year I have hardly had the chance to watch a few of the films … Read More

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Truffaut, Kar Wai, Film Noir and …

The Films in My Life Francois Truffaut

  … Mistletoe. Happy New Year everyone! May it be a good year! Now, this being the week of the Golden Globes, let’s talk movies, shall we? Or better said, books about film (the newest additions to my alarmingly fast … Read More

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Watch A Non-Christmas Christmas Movie This December

The Thin Man

  I may have some favourite classic Christmas movies, but, truth be told, I have always preferred more non-traditional films this time of year. So here are some alternatives. Some of them are not about the holidays at all, but … Read More

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