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Three Great Books Adapted to Three Favourite Summer Films

Three of the best movie adaptations from books

  As François Truffaut says in his book, The Films in My Life, when he talks about Otto Preminger’s Bonjour Tristesse, “I will spare the reader the usual speech about faithful or unfaithful adaptation”. I watched and loved all three … Read More

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Fashion in Michelangelo Antonioni’s Films

Monica Vitti L

Monica Vitti, L’eclisse   Michelangelo Antonioni’s characters are always in crisis, but they are always dressed well, too. Furthermore, their easy acces is a key part of their forced and vacuous lives, on their constant longing for a self that … Read More

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Summer Soundtrack

Summer soundtrack

  Last summer I was sharing my playlist for the season. This time around, I thought it would make much more sense to make a compilation of my favourite songs from the soundtracks of my favourite summer movies (some of … Read More

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Tennis on Film: My Five Picks

Favourite tennis movies Strangers on A Train

  There is a reason why I haven’t tried to put together my passion for cinema and my interest in tennis until now. There are simply not many films about tennis. And, to be completely honest, there are no good … Read More

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The Rocket

The Rocket 2013

  The Rocket (2013) is Australian documentarian Kim Mordaunt’s first full-length feature. The director previously documented Laos life and its minefields in Bomb Harvest (2007). The idea for the film came to him because he wanted to tell the story … Read More

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