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Editorial: Ice Blonde

Beautiful and mysterious, hidden behind her opaqueness and inaccessibility, Catherine Deneuve’s ice, cool look (Mississippi Mermaid) would have been perfect for a Hitchcock noir. Read More

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Bradley Cooper’s Rugged, Real Style in “A Star Is Born”

The black or faded blue jeans, denim jackets, plain t-shirts, weathered leather jacket and western boots are Jackson Maine’s apparel of choice, his natural habitat, rooted deep in the American grain, just as his country rock music is, just as his outwardly rugged, inwardly ruptured American masculinity is. Read More

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Sundance Film Festival Dress Code

Besides its spirit of inquiry and free-thinking, do you know what else I love about the Sundance Film Festival? Its casual dress code. Actors and filmmakers forgo… Read More

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Winter Light: Letter from the Editor

Our carefully curated selection of books, films, podcasts and things to do for a well-cultured start of the year. Read More

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Final Round-Up: The Best Films of the Year

The best films of 2018 I have had the chance to watch. Read More

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