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Tennis As Art

Roland Garros poster 2018

There is Roger Federer – What is tennis if not the art of movement? There is Rafael Nadal – What is la terre battue if not the canvas brushed across by the strokes of the master of his art, the … Read More

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Listen to All This Jazz

Miles Davis Blue Note Vol.1

And have a look at it, too. Because music used to not just sound, but look different, too. Just think of Miles Davis’ own creativity in everything he did – his music, his paintings, his album cover art, his clothing. … Read More

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Threaded Stories: A Talk with Polly Leonard

Selvedge magazine - A talk with Polly Leonard - Classiq

Polly Leonard has a visionary mind and an eye, skill and respect for craft and for the beautifully made. She is an expert with an education and background in textiles. She has a passion for fabric, for storytelling and for … Read More

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The Wolves of Currumpaw

The Wolves of Currumpaw by William Grill

I am fascinated with children’s books. I have kept all my childhood books, my almost three-year-old son already has a considerable collection and I have started to even buy him books to save for later. Yes, you could say the … Read More

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Defining Moments in Rock ‘n’ Roll Style (and Who Shot Them)

Kurt Cobain by Charles Peterson

There are countless rock & roll images that are burnt in the public’s collective memory. They have played a major role in creating the image of our favourite or most influential musicians, and that image has been taken for granted … Read More

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