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Interview with Illustrator Cecilia Carlstedt

Cecilia Carlstedt interview

  In a digital age when photography is more accessible than ever, people seem to have a better appreciation for a unique artistic vision and skill. It is true that photography as an art form has not vanished, but it … Read More

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First of Autumn

First of autumn

We spent most of August away, escaping the city heat and soaking up every bit of summer left. I like to refer to it as my baby boy’s first summer holiday and he absolutely loved it. Autumn is here now, … Read More

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The Armani World through Photography

Emporio Armani magazine

  I would say that Giorgio Armani is the man of the moment. One of the designers who changed the face of fashion (and who I can honestly name as one of the two designers, the other one being Ralph … Read More

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Interview with Painter and Art Curator Kimia Kline


Wythe Hotel   Kimia Ferdowsi Kline is one of the very first artists I had the pleasure to interview at the beginning of my blogging and whose inspiring work I have followed ever since. Currently, along with continuing devoting herself … Read More

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Interview with Ceramist Anna Westerlund

Interview with Anna Westerlund

Anna Westerlund in her studio   Anna Westerlund Ceramics are a crafting comfort. They are artfully handmade and laced with love and mindfulness. They are imbued with a maker’s passion to create something truly unique. They are made to make … Read More

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