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Artist Kimia Kline

Today I have the pleasure of presenting artist Kimia Kline, whose beautiful paintings I’ve discovered only recently, but which immediatly captured my eye and interest and gave me the impulse to approach Kimia to share her insights on her wonderful work. Kimia’s paintings have been exhibited in the US … Read More

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The happiest colour

Because today it’s cloudy, because this summer I’ve timidly begun to incorporate this vibrant colour in my wardrobe and have discovered that I like it (and Lisa‘s ballerina flats made me crave it even more) and because, as Frank Sinatra … Read More

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Romy Schneider: a portrait + a timeless look

These are two of my favourite images of Romy Schneider. The first one is a portrait by artist Andreas Reimann. It’s called Romy Classic and it’s part of his series Hommage to Romy Schneider: “this face, what I call the ‘Romy Classic’ … Read More

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