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AYR seasonless collection

  A seasonless collection. Carved down to the essentials. Stripped bare of any decorations and adds-on. Distilled and pure. Designed to be lived in. Committed to lasting styles. Bridging the gap to menswear, which, we all know, is much closer … Read More

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Old Habits Die Hard

White t-shirt and blue jeans

  My style revolution didn’t last too long. I’m back to jeans, t-shirts and shirts. The Big Three. I have always preferred evolution anyway. But, to my defense, here is, once again, why this good old match is and always … Read More

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If Spring Were A Dress

If Spring were a dress

  What’s that staring at me from the back of my closet? Well, what do you know? It’s a… umm… that thing I haven’t worn in six months… how do you call it… yes, a dress! It was the realisation … Read More

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Shirt Stories: Sunad

Shirt Stories Sunad

  You always notice the person wearing a great shirt. A classic that, for me, holds just as much appeal as a great pair of jeans. Shirt Stories is about others who feel the same, women and men, and who wear … Read More

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A Sporting Life: Roger Federer

A sporting life Roger Federer

  A Sporting Life – taking on the challenge to put together sports and style (not exactly natural bedfellows), and making a plea for outdoor sports   Let me start by saying that I did not see this blog post … Read More

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