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Introducing: Our “In A Lonely Place” Cuff

In A Lonely Place Cuff - Classiq Shop

Our own design, this is my manifesto accessory, the one I wear every single day. I have written about my favourite noir, In A Lonely Place, time and again. And now I have made a piece of jewellery inspired by … Read More

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S A Y A Designs: Turning Heads for the Right Reasons

SAYA Designs Mini a Pandans

I have cut down how much I talk about fashion around here significantly. That’s partly because I want to embody the minimalist and mindful philosophy I so often support and embrace. It’s also because when looking for special things to … Read More

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A Sporting Life: The Winter Style Heroes

A Sporting Life the winter style heroes

Every winter I long for a snow storm so that I am stuck inside for at least two days with nothing to do but binge-watch movies (which, having a toddler around, would probably not happen anyway, but one can dream). … Read More

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Shirt Stories: India Hicks

India Hicks style

I have a girl crush. I’ve never been one to have style icons. I’ve never even liked the term. It’s so freely used nowadays that it has lost its true connotation. I have even become reluctant in using it to … Read More

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Sundance Style

Sundance portraits

I was determined to completely ignore the last night Golden Globes ceremony (I didn’t watch it for the first time in more than ten years and here is why), but I have to mention one thing: I am glad that … Read More

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