Carolyn Quartermaine

Seldom has an interior captured my aesthetic sense and imagination more rapidly than this French home of  artist, designer and stylist Carolyn Quartermaine . The white interiors, flooded by light, fuse brilliantly with the splashes of fluoro colours, a signature of the designer, in the paintings (I like the informal, artistic way they adorn the room propped up against the wall, not hung up), fabrics and glass. And how about those chandeliers in the bedroom, hanging so low above the bed, the perfect, more elegant substitute for the usual lights on the nightstands? These chandeliers seen all over the house along with the Ludovic XV style chairs are like a drop of luxury in a modernist setting. It’s delicate, but fresh, poetic, but energizing, simple, but bursting with creativity and an exquisite attention to detail. Just like her entire work. I’ve just fast forwarded Carolyn’s book, Unwrapped, on top of my wishlist.



photos: Carolyn Quartermaine , by Marten Morrell and Rachel Whiting 

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