Bucharest behind the trees

Classiq-Bucharest architecture

The architecture is one of the things I love the most about the city I live in. The center and north part of the city are packed with beautiful buildings, some of which I’ve seen maybe hundreds of times, others, I’m just discovering. Whether majestically lined up along the main boulevards or hidden on side-streets, they are grand in their ensemble, but I am even more drawn to their incredible details. I often find myself sliding my camera behind big iron gates and fences and tree branches in my attempt to capture their uniqueness: they are filled with character and a certain mystery that lures you in.

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Classiq-Bucharest behind the trees 5

Classiq-Bucharest behind the trees

Classiq_Bucharest behind the  trees

Classiq-Bucharest architecture (3)

Classiq-Bucharest behind the trees 6

Classiq - Bucharest architecture 8

Classiq-Bucharest architecture 4

Classiq_Bucharest architecture

Classiq-Bucharest architecture 3Classiq-Bucharest architecture 4

Classiq-Bucharest behind the trees-2

Classiq -Beautiful Bucharest

Classiq-Bucharest architecture 6

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