Breton chic

Thank you, Coco Chanel, once again, for making yet another item fashionable, transforming the simple striped top  into an element of laidback style. What better way to showcase its timeless quality than that beautiful photograph from 1908, the second below, (even before Coco put it on the fashion map for good in 1929), depicting the three Romanov Grand Duchesses (Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia) wearing long-sleeved little jumpers with horizontal nautical stripes, worn over pleated skirts featuring two white stripes very close to the hem? And I just couldn’t leave out that photo with Cary Grant from To Catch A Thief, wearing so nonchalantly the striped jumper and red scarf. Name one man today who could pull off this look, exuding masculinity and style… Right. A history of the nautical trend, here.


photos: 1-source unknown, via link / 2- link / 3-source unknown, via link / 4- link / 5- Coco Rocha for Elle UK October 2010 via link /

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